Writer, reader, country girl, teacher. These titles pretty well define me.

I love to write. It seems I write all the time, and when I’m not writing I’m thinking about writing. Published my first novel in April and now trying to market it. Didn’t realize what a job that was going to be!

I also love to read. It’s the one thing I do really well. I’d be lost without my kindle! I’ll read anything, anytime. My husband gets tired of it but lately he appears to be of the mindset “If you can’t beat ’em join ’em”.

Country Girl describes me perfectly. My family lives on 53 acres and we wish it was 5300. I think my husband and I are living in the wrong century. We raise and train working Border Collies; have goats, chickens, and cats too. I always have a garden; there’s nothing better than a homegrown tomato. I have two wonderful kids, a daughter who’s 22 and a son who’s 20. They both are in college and I will miss them when they go out on their own.

I have to have a job, so I teach. I’ve taught first graders and third graders, and this year will be trying my skills with pre-k’ers. Don’t know about that! But teaching is great, so rewarding. And the kids are wonderful to work with and get to know. But don’t get me started on the education system. Best thing about teaching – getting summers off!


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