A Little Excitement vs. The Right Man?

How many of you, like me, crave a little excitement in life? Of course, if I got my wish, I’d probably run the other way. But I know there are more like me out there. What about the “good girl from the good family” who keeps going for the “bad boy”? That situation seems to repeat itself again and again. I went through it in my early years. The attraction to someone who doesn’t fit the slot that parents have picked out for us. I know the guy was not the best choice in a date, but once you got to know him he turned out to be a creative, intelligent, rebellious, yet gentle guy.

Now that I have a daughter of my own, I feel for my mom who must have worried those nights I didn’t come home until after curfew. According to her, my husband was not the type of man I should have married. When she met him he was impetuous, headstrong, and fiercely independent, all traits I found fascinating. But she eventually admitted to me that I’d made a good choice. And he has turned out to be the best partner I could ask for. Goes to show, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

In my novel, “Lunch Date”, I explore this theme with my main characters Meagan and Jack. Meagan is quiet and sweet and firmly grounded to home and friends. Jack is a mystery through most of the book. Is he a criminal using Meagan for his own ends? Or is what she sees in him the actual man; deeply committed and loyal and tenacious when it comes to something – or someone – he cares for. He’s the type of guy I would forbid my daughter to see, but could I be mistaken? He’s rough and ruthless at times, but there’s a gentle, genuine side to him. That guy I would have no objection to. But who can tell? Like my mother did before me, I will just have to trust that my daughter’s choice is a good one – and watch anyone she dates like a hawk watches a chicken in the pasture. Let me know your take on the attraction for the “bad boys (or girls)” in your life.

If you’d like to read a story about my fantasy with an excitement-filled life, check out my book, “Lunch Date”, found on Amazon and other booksellers, or from me, txthomson@yahoo.com.

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